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Anonymous said: can you give me some tips on how to draw teeth ?





*wry laugh* Unless you have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome — my daughter and I both winced/chuckled at that remark about the fingers “not being able to bend back too far.* Hers can almost touch the backs of her hands, because they bend backward to that degree.

(With that said, it’s an excellent tutorial on normal-human-being hands, for people who aren’t absurdly hypermobile!)


REBLGBSLE FOR ANON Oh i added a bit more bc i was half asleep last night UM I DON”T THINK I’m the best at drawing ahds at all so yeah listen only if u think it helps !!



The Lip Tutorial~~~

The final part is on my Livestream the first minute is me trying to remember how to use it.

I also answered some asks:

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I just started making some references for myself, but got carried away hahah… ha :’D

I figured I’d share. I’m hoping to make a series of these things for all the drawing bits that give me trouble: woman torsos, hands, wings, different body types, etc.

I hope you also find them useful!


Adventures in printing Part 2. It’s really long because there’s no easy way to explain these things. Today we look at some printing terms and how to size your files for print! Part 1 (Colourspace) here.

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toopunktoocare said: Can you help me out with lips? When ever I try to draw girl or guy lips they come out like a Botox barbies. If you could help it would mean a lot. Thanks!

Hello! Thanks so much for your question! Lips can be a little bit tricky, but understanding the under laying forms and how you can play with them can really help if you aren’t happy with the results you’re currently achieving. Give the video below a shot! You’ll be glad you did~

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Anonymous said: hello i want to get started in art and i'm not sure where to start. so far i have tried 30 second gesture drawings but am not learning/getting anything out of it... where do i start? and can you give me tips on how i can learn to draw fast?

Hello! I’m glad to hear you’re interested in entering the art world! I must warn you however that there’s no quick and easy way to get perfect drawings. I think that the recent ask I answered on how to improve drawing will definitely help you on the path you’d like to travel. 

I know it can be frustrating when we don’t see improvement right away but please keep in mind that before things get pretty, every artist goes through a down right dirty ugly phase. You are going to make ugly work and you are going to hate it, because the image in your mind is going to be so much better then what your skills are currently capable of producing. You need to train your skills until they are where your taste is. And the only way to do that is to keep working. 

If you need a bit of inspiration, take a look through this thread here! It may have taken this guy a long time, but he stuck to it, and look at where he is now. 

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Anonymous said: Referring to your advice for anon, care to elaborate on understanding a subject and a three dimensional subject?? I have done drawings of hands , yet i still dont stand and im terrible at 3D shapes. any tutorials to help me out?


I’m sorry if I wasn’t terribly clear in the last portion, so I will try to elaborate.

One of the most difficult things, in my opinion, that an artist needs to learn in any two dimensional media is how to think in three dimensions, by way of mass, space, proportion, ect, and to then translate that into two dimensions.  

I’ve never come across a tutorial explaining how this can be done, and in truth, I can’t imagine how a tutorial might go about explaining it. If anyone has a tutorial or article that could be helpful to Anon, by all means please go ahead and send it as an ask. I will be happy to share any findings. 


Anonymous said: thanks for getting back to me so quickly! and to myshrinkingviolet! ^_^ this is some really great advice!! i'm so inspired to pick up a pen and draw now. especially after reading that shrimp tutorial. long live this blog! --the anon from earlier who actually has a tumblr but is too shy to use it :3

No problem Anon, happy drawing!